Culture Award – January 2023

Culture Award 2022

Culture is very important to Monticello. The person selected for this award is someone who lives the FISH! Philosophy. They are being there for each other and our patients. Making people’s day. Being playful and creative. They are inclusive of all individuals. They intentionally choose their attitudes and don’t let the situation choose it for them.

This exceptional employee has been described by her peers as “one of the most happy, playful, and creative people they know,” and “someone who never puts herself above any of her coworkers and has a deep respect for everyone she interacts with.”

“She goes the extra mile to make others feel included, appreciated and cared for. She will send out motivational emails to the team to keep our spirits lifted.”

“She is the best at trying to get everyone on the same page and making sure situations are handled as fast as possible. She does a great job on checking on everyone and trying to be sure everyone is happy.”

We are delighted to present the Culture Award to Misty Howe who works at our Imaging Clinic at Cleburne.

Congratulations Misty! And thank you for being such a huge contributor to the kind of culture we strive for at Monticello!

Best Customer Service Award 2022

This award is for the employee who can handle any customer, even those with complains. They serve as a goodwill ambassador for Monticello. They can stay calm under pressure while soothing tensions. They always follow through on what they say they will do. They maintain a strong reputation for caring and showing respect, even in the face of criticism.

Co-workers describe this person as someone who “can handle any situation with a calm confidence that makes her patients and coworkers feel at ease. She puts patient care at the forefront of everything she does.”

We are honored to present the Best Customer Service Award to Cynthia “Cindy” Trantham who works at our Burleson Imaging location.

Congratulations, Cindy! We thank you for your dedication to your co-workers, our organization, and most importantly, our patients.

Exemplary Teamwork Attitude Award 2022

Teamwork is a critical aspect of any business. It speaks to a broader sense of communication and cooperation among department peers and across the organization. This award goes to someone who practices and promotes strong trust, cooperation, communication, and respect for different viewpoints and approaches.

The people who nominated our winner describe him as “a hoy to work with… He is always willing to go the extra mile to put patients at east during a scan. He is open and eager to help anyone who asks,” “works well with all coworkers and is very helpful across all aspects of the job,” and “regardless of how busy he gets, he always has the best attitude and cares about doing everything the right way.”

It brings us great pride to present the Exemplary Teamwork Attitude Award to Timothy “Tim” Hiles who works at our 7th Street location.

Congratulations, Tim! We admire your drive and ambition to always be there for others. Thank you for everything that you do! It does not go unnoticed.

Exceeds Expectations Award 2022

This award is for the person who sets goals, continually presses forward, and achieves more than they set out to do. They demonstrate a strong internal motivation to be better or more efficient regardless of others’ expectations of them.

Our award winner is described as “always willing to help others, even with her workload, and always has a positive attitude. Always very kind and respectful to others.”

“She treats everyone with respect whether they are calling to make payments or give a little grievance.”

We are thrilled to present the Exceeds Expectations Award to Sara Hunter. Sara is our Revenue Cycle Supervisor at HQ.

Congratulations, Sara! We thank you for your contribution to the team, your peers, and Monticello.

Behind the Scenes Award 2022

The Behind the Scenes Award is a less conventional performance award, but the winner of this award plays a crucial part in the success of our company. This award brings someone into the limelight who makes a huge impact on the organization but are not regularly visible.

The winner of this award has been described by others as someone who “shares her knowledge and expertise on all things Monticello. She works hard and takes pride in the work she does,”

“Donna truly handles all the day to day tasks that make it possible for the entire business to function. She handles all the banking and AP which in itself is a significant feat. In addition, she reviews contracts to make sure we are not overpaying vendors and offers suggestions for cost savings where applicable She does much, much more behind the scenes. Donna is the embodiment of this award.”

We are honored to present the Behind the Scenes Award to Donna Buchanan who works at HQ.

Congratulations, Donna! We are grateful for your work ethic and dedication to our team at Monticello. Thank you!

Others First Award 2022

The Others-First Award applauds a worker who always puts patients and other co-workers before themselves. They’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure a customer is happy, and colleagues feel supported. They make sacrifices often, sometimes without many people knowing, because they believe in what they’re doing and how they’re helping.

Another way to conceptualize this Others-First Award is in terms of exemplary humanitarian service. For example, someone who really cares about helping those in need. Perhaps they even advocated for the creation of a company-wide giving program or a volunteer-time-off initiative. They give the workplace added purpose.

We are very proud to present the Others First Award to Laura Gallagher who works at Alliance and Decatur in Marketing.

Laura is an excellent ambassador for Monticello because she puts others first. She is a tireless advocate for her referring providers and for their patients; they feel as if Laura is a part of their team, putting their concerns at the top of her list. They trust Laura to put them first and get their issue resolved and she consistently follows through for them.

Congratulations, Laura! You bring a lot of pride to Monticello through your selfless acts of kindness and compassion, and you are very deserving of this award.


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