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May 2023
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Diagnostic imaging is our passion. Monticello Diagnostic Imaging have multiple centers in the Dallas/Tort Worth Metroplex.Diagnostic imaging is our passion.

Monticello Diagnostic Imaging was formed in 2001 and opened in August of 2002. We have since added modalities and now have multiple centers in the Metroplex, but our desires are the same: to have unique centers providing personalized reports from which we both learn and teach.

We include Myelographic effect images on spine MRI’s, along with large field of view water weighted fat suppressed images at all facilities with Lumbar MRI’s. Color fused images and key images with interpretation are provided where helpful.


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Key images from MRI of the elbow: a biceps tendon tear.

Large field of view water weighted fat sat dataset: from a lumbar spine study in a patient with low back and right hip pain. Right perilabral cyst associated with labral tear.

Fusion of disparate sequences: totally different datasets, different physics, different slice thickness fused to obtain the best of both. Tibiotalar joint, image at right shows osteochondral defect with irregular signal in overlying cartilage.

Inflammatory changes/ intrasubstance microtear subscapularis. Gradient echo far left, T1 center, and fusion of these two at far right.

These three images are from a single lumbar spine study on the same patient. Coronal Fat-Sat images show bilateral AVN.

Myelographic effect images on the right show an intrathecal mass at about L1 level. One would not need myelo effect images for this, but some masses or small nodules may be much more difficult to characterize, and the myelo images are beneficial. Very small lesions, tiny nodules, may be very difficult to see on conventional MRI without IV contrast but are usually easier seen on the myelo effect images down to 2 mm or even smaller.

Normal volar plates. 1.5 mm T2 true-fisp with fused STIR.

Coronal water weighted fat suppressed image shows bilateral hip AVN.

Motion limited study, cuff tear with AC arthropathy. Color fused T1 + STIR.


Diagnostic Imaging

Monticello Diagnostic Imaging centers are led by specialized physicians and staffed by highly trained, patient-focused clinical experts.

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