Mission Statement

Monticello Health Services exists to provide the highest level of compassionate, quality care by serving with integrity and fostering relationships with our patients, employees, providers, and the communities we serve.

Our mission statement was developed from the feedback of many of our employees where we asked what Monticello means to each person, and what they love about our work. These conversations were deeply meaningful and enlightening, with each person adding their own layer of depth to the Monticello Health Services purpose.

After processing these conversations, we presented the ideas that each person had shared to the FISH! Committee. We challenged this team to take all these ideas and create a single statement that is more reflective of who we are today.

We are so appreciative of everyone who thoughtfully responded, and to the FISH! Committee members for their time and effort spent throughout this process.

We are truly an organization that puts people first and we are honored to have a mission statement created by our employees that is reflective of that.


Diagnostic Imaging

Monticello Diagnostic Imaging centers are led by specialized physicians and staffed by highly trained, patient-focused clinical experts.

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