Imaging Cash Price

DFW’s Cash Pricing Leader in Diagnostics Imaging

MRI Without Contrast $425.00
MRI With Contrast $485.00
CT Without Contrast $225.00
CT With Contrast $285.00
Ultrasounds $99.00
X-Ray $75.00

**All Pricing Includes Radiologist Reading Fees
**Labs For Contrast Completed At The Facility

Superior Quality

Unmatched Safety

Unrivaled Pricing

Five Convenient Locations

Monticello Diagnostic Imaging – Denton / Monticello Diagnostic Imaging – Cleburne
Monticello Diagnostic Imaging – Fort Worth / Monticello Diagnostic Imaging – Alliance / Monticello Diagnostic Imaging – Decatur


Diagnostic Imaging

Monticello Diagnostic Imaging centers are led by specialized physicians and staffed by highly trained, patient-focused clinical experts.

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Monticello Health Services has developed an extensive network of physical therapy providers to ensure convenient access for patients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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ASC / Procedure Center Management Experts

Monticello Health Services partners with clients to plan and develop strategies that align with their business needs.

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