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2021 MONTY Award Winners

Happy Valentine’s Day

Christmas Party

Our MDI Team

January 25th is National Fun At Work Day and we had a PJ Day, hot cocoa bar and participated in a service project for the homeless.


What is the FISH! philosophy at Monticello Health? FISH! is all about how our choices impact others and our awareness of what type of person we’d like to be. While the world continues to be stressful, the FISH! philosophy enables us to talk about how we want to treat others and keeping that in the forefront of our minds daily!

How you respond to the world is the type of energy you create! Show up in life by incorporating these four practices:

  • Be There
  • Play
  • Make Their Day
  • Choose Your Attitude

Team Spotlights

Tyus is one of our amazing PT Techs. 3 Fun Facts!

  • Earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Cameron University where he played collegiate basketball
  • Born in Los Angeles, CA
  • Father is from Sierra Leone, Mother is from Kentucky

Team Spotlights

Lexy is one of our amazing Front Office Coordinators for our Pain Management locations. Lexy is a team player who goes above and beyond with patients to prepare and reassure them for their procedures. She has excellent customer service skills and also has superb critical thinking to come up with solutions to daily workflow challenges. She is a graduate from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA with a BA in Dance and a minor in Business Management. She has trained with the Joffrey School of Ballet and the Rockette Summer Intensive in New York City. She manages to continue her full-time job with Monticello Health Services while she performs as a Texas Lonestar at Texas Live and in the State Fair of Texas.

Cadaver Class

MHS partnered with HydroCision to offer an ultrasound guided tenotomy cadaver class for 18 providers. Percutaneous Tenjet technology involves using a supersonic stream of saline to remove diseased tendon tissue while preserving adjacent healthy tissue in the shoulder, knee, Achilles, elbow or hip.

Fav Football Team Day!


Our corporate office competed in our first annual Summer Office Games!

3 Teams competed in 3 games: Knee Ball (you have to squeeze a ball between your legs and walk to the other end of the office), Paper Plate Discus, Stress Ball spoon relay (holding a stress ball on a spoon in your mouth).

The competition was followed by a celebration lunch for all the Competitors.

Congrats to the winners!!

Hot Sauce Challenge

  • What: Hot Sauce Challenge
  • Who: Our Fieldhouse Clinic Staff
  • Challenge: Joel brought 11 of the spiciest sauces he knows about in for a little competition. They range from 900-2 million Scoville! We tried each one by using chicken nuggets.
  • Who Made It: Joel, Austin, Ross, Kayla and Tyus got through all 11!
  • FISH Ambassador for Fieldhouse: Tyus

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Baby Shower Celebrations

National Cinema Week

Having fun at work for our FISH Employee morale program. Our group chose to celebrate National Cinema Week and dress up as their favorite character from a TV show or movie!


Diagnostic Imaging

Monticello Diagnostic Imaging centers are led by specialized physicians and staffed by highly trained, patient-focused clinical experts.

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